The Crab Bucket

Have you heard about The Crab Effect? 

A man once observed a group of live crabs in a bucket. As they squirmed at the bottom, one crab would occasionally attempt to climb to the top and escape. However, each time it got close to the rim, another crab would pull it back down. This behavior was repeated multiple times. It was discovered that when a crab is placed alone in a bucket, it can easily escape, but when placed with other crabs, this phenomenon occurs where they pull each other back down, preventing any of them from escaping. This behavior is known as “The Crab Effect” or “The Crab Mentality” in psychology, as it illustrates the negative and harmful mindset of some individuals in a group who try to hinder the progress of others.

Now pause and think. Is your environment the bucket? Are your friends and family the fellow crabs? 

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