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There are so many reasons to recommend Alex that I don’t know where to start. I’ve been having 1:1 PT sessions with Alex since September and it’s changed my life. I originally went to lose weight but what I’m enjoying most is my new found strength and flexibility, I keep seeing new muscles in the mirror I didn’t even know I had and find myself able to do things I didn’t think possible. Every session is different and they fly by, I don’t think I’ve ever clock watched. There’s always interesting conversation, he knows just how hard to push me and although I occasionally arrive with a grump I always go away with a smile. Alex knows his stuff, he is so committed and he genuinely cares about everyone’s progress. He lives by what he teaches. Training with Alex is the best investment I’ve ever made.


I have recently had some time off work and wanted to kick start my fitness and start prioritise my health, Alex is perfect for this. He is very knowledgable and fills you with confidence. His training style suits me perfectly he always encourages you and convinces you that everything is achievable even when you don’t believe it yourself.

All sessions are different and he certainly keeps you guessing what’s coming next.

Alex is a great instructor who I would not hesitate to recommend, he helps you with your eating habits although still a way to go I am already feeling better in myself and look forward to seeing what results I can achieve with Alex’s help.

I also really enjoy the conversations we have Alex is always keen and interested in you as a person.

Stratford Upon Avon Personal Training & Weight Loss Expert


All I can say is that for Alex, you’ll definitely be more than a before and after picture. He truly cares about all his clients!! Of course, I have no doubts that everyone joining will see amazing results under his direct supervision, but training with Alex is so much more. Honestly, the whole quality of your life will improve!! Your self-esteem, your focus at work, general productivity and mental wellbeing will all see a positive impact. For me, Body Hacker is more than a way to get leaner, but a whole lifestyle. I appreciate that Alex provides such a diverse range of services and helps you develop a sustainable routine. He’s providing nutrition advice, training and perhaps most importantly, constant moral support, dose of energy and motivation. I also enjoy that exercises are changed regularly, he’s offering variety through classes such as HIT and Boxing and everything can be tailored to his clients’ individual condition. Now, more than ever, the Pandemic has hopefully showed us what’s truly important- our health. With the extra time in our hands and less distractions, it’s the best investment and the best time to finally start your training journey.


if you want great results then Alex is the Trainer you need. investing in Alex means you are investing in yourself. You are worth every penny. The results are amazing. There are no limits with Alex only our own limitations. Alex will help you knock them down every step of the way, when you feel you can’t get back up Alex has your back. Thank you Alex feeling and looking amazing 💪🔥


I’ve been going to Alex for just over 6 months now and he’s quite literally help change my life as well as my fitness. Before starting I was in the pub loads and was eating rubbish I put on a lot of weight and was quite unhappy in life if I’m honest.

Within the first month of joining the classes I’d already started to notice a difference, in my self and on the scales. The classes are a great laugh and I have now lost over 3 stone and counting.

As well as the gym Alex organised an amazing fitness trip to Romania which was absolutely awesome and if he runs it in the future I would definitely recommend!

So yeah Cheers Alex thanks for everything 🤙🤙


Whilst still going through rehab for a ongoing knee condition, I really wanted to get back into training property again, Alex listened understood and designed a training plan tailored around my specific goals which would still, and has given me results even with the restrictions I have. He is a dedicated trainer and push’s you to achieve the best of your potential. Be it you are looking to improve on your current fitness and take your self to the next level, or looking to find a trainer to help you take the first steps into getting fit and keep you motivated along the journey, Alex will support you all the way.



Well what a amazing guy!! A no nonsense straight forward approach to weight loss and fitness!! I was a beer drinking, carb hunting overweight beast and Alex changed all that!! I used to Live a party lifestyle, out most weekends then in the week socialise in local bars and pubs!!

Alex made it a simple transaction to a healthy lifestyle and broke the barrier of McDonald’s and take away meals most nights!! The motivation he provides is second to none and helps a lot!! On the whole a great guy with great results with a never fail attitude!! Highly recommend the Body Hacker as he is way more than just a personal trainer, he is a life changer 👍👍!!


Alex took on my overweight, unfit 13 year old who was desperate to be better at sport. 18 months on and I have a different boy – loves rugby, general fitness and his confidence is shining. He’s much more aware of his food intake (as am I!). It’s been an investment and one that’s important to continue. Thanks Alex!


Alex Csompo is one of the leading fat loss specialists around the West Midlands area. Using the latest fat burning methods and intensive exercise routines Alex has helped people from all over the United Kingdom and world shed unwanted fat and learn to live a healthier lifestyle. Alex has traveled in over 30 countries where he has studied new training methods, diets & cultures. 

Alex has a private studio in Stratford upon Avon allowing clients to work out in a private dedicated environment, free of any judgement or intimidation.


Contacting Alex was one of the most nervous and scary experiences of my life, but within 30 minutes of pressing ‘send’ he had replied and since then he has been there for every aspect along the way (diet, fitness, advice, courage) – over and beyond what is expected of a normal personal trainer.
I don’t think any session with Alex is ever easy BUT (and I never thought I’d say this when I started out) they are fun. No matter what, you never come out of any session wishing you hadn’t turned up. Every session is completely different and I have genuinely never had the same session twice.
Is it all worth it? Absolutely! All the blisters, DOMS, sweat and tears combined with Alex’s support and motivation have come together to equal a four stone weight loss. Most important of all I have learned through Alex that weight loss, a healthier lifestyle and a better way of living is a lifestyle and not a quick fix.


PT was a new thing for me and a big change in my life. I met with other PT’s but didn’t feel they understood me or why I was looking to them for help. After meeting Alex I instantly parted with a good chunk of money, so he must have said something right From nothing to 5 sessions a week over night!!!

The first few sessions were really really tough, but with a lot of positive encouragement from Alex it made it feel a bit easier. Being over 4 weeks in now and losing around 2 stone I feel like a completely different person.

The sessions are always different, rarely repeating the same exercise twice in 3 or 4 weeks which keeps it interesting.

Alex is very motivational, you can tell he really cares about his job, your goals and also doesn’t mind the abuse that I regularly give him. 🙂

It’s not an easy ride, but if you’re up for it Alex is your man!


Alex is such a fun loving guy. He is very passionate about what he does and is so dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. My overall fitness and health has improved.There are times when It does get hard but Alex is always there to support you and find the strength you never knew you had! This was by far the best move I ever made. So thank you for being patient and making me believe in myself.


I highly recommend Alex if you are thinking about training with a professional. I have been training with Alex for over a month now and so far I am happy with the results. His sessions are tough but enjoyable and he is always on hand to motivate however big or small your goal


Motivational, knowledgeable, reliable, helpful and very personable.. these are just a few words to describe Alex. He is a fantastic personal trainer who sets realistic but challenging goals and also creates a training and nutrition plan to help you achieve them. I would highly recommend Alex, you will not regret it!!


Alex is a fabulous personal trainer! He is serious about his job and serious about YOU as a person and your goals and desires! He will put in place programmes to help you reach your target and will be with you every step of the way!

Lexi Weight Loss


Alex is a great Personal trainer, he always pushes you that extra bit to get you the results you want. Lovely guy too ? I would highly reccomend him.


Alex is awesome – he gets you into healthy habits and is really motivational which helps alot! The group workouts are challenging but do the trick – they were toning me up in no time! Would highly recommend: Great trainer, lovely person and gets you to where you want to be!

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