2020 – One Hundred Stone

How do you feel about this new year  2020?
Did you set any goals?
Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself and what your interests are? Would you like to get back to the old you…or even find a healthier, stronger, happier you?
Well I might just have the thing to change that…
My name is Alex, and I am a Personal Trainer from Stratford Upon Avon, my main focus is my clients and their goals. 
I have been a personal trainer for over 8 years and my goal is to help as many people as I can.
So I have decided this year I am going to do a challenge…maybe my biggest one yet!
I want to help 100 people lose a stone, it is going to be called the 100 stone challenge.
Not only do I want to help you achieve this, but I am going to get it published into a book about this amazing journey all these people go through to reach this amazing achievement.  
This is not only about weight loss, it is about personal development, goals, being strict with yourself, prioritising yourself and your health, physical and mental strength, achievement and much much more. Also teamwork. There will be group chats and classes you can join to support each other and maybe share or learn something new, along with making new friendships.
If this sounds like something you would like to join and be apart of then please get in touch.
The idea of this challenge is that it is accessible for anyone to do, you have a choice of one to one sessions, joining the classes and getting support that way or this can be accessed online with an online membership which will give you weekly videos, updates, weigh ins, nutritional advice/ recipes etc. 
The first 100 people will be given an actual stone to go away and decorate in whatever way they like, to represent themselves and the journey they have been on to lose this weight. Then I will take a picture of you and your stone and this, along with the story of how you did it and how you feel, will then be put together in the 100 Stone Book and publish it.
How amazing is that?!
This process is to not only think about the health issues and weight side of it, but to make people happier mentally as well as physically . We all look in the mirror sometimes and don’t like what we see…but this is about doing something about it and how it makes you feel. Exercise and eating right gives you a positive mental buzz unlike anything else. When you feel good on the inside, the outside then follows and will show your happiness through hard work and positive reinforcement.
If you feel like you have more than a stone to lose, no worries, but for this challenge the first stone is what we are aiming for to go in the final book, however I will keep supporting you to reach the goal you want to achieve so let’s do it together and get that motivation going! 
So to get involved please contact me on sweat@thebodyhacker.co.uk or message me on social media.
Instagram: thebodyhacker
Facebook: The Body Hacker