never pick the easy path

Never Pick The Easy Path

Some things are clear if this universe has some unwritten rules; not following the pleasure and easy path must be one of them. We can’t truly appreciate something worth having if is given to us for nothing, look around you how people are taking their bodies and health for granted. Greatest bio-machine ever created and we sh!t on it!

A path of pleasure ( alcohol, food, laziness, drugs, porn, sex, social media, etc ) will lead to your own detriment.

The dopamine habit loop is a powerful thing, it can work for you or destroy you.

I appreciate a holiday because I work really hard throughout the year, we crave a sexy & strong body because we know how hard it is to have one, we celebrate and feel proud after 4 years of hard work and studying, climbing a mountain for 2-3 days will make you appreciate the views at the summit more than just being airdropped there.

When you invest time and energy into something, you appreciate it. You respect it more!

Now start applying that on yourself.

Alex Csompo is one of the leading fat loss specialists around the Warwickshire area. Using the latest fat burning methods and intensive exercise routines Alex has helped people from all over the Warwickshire area and world shed unwanted fat and learn to live a healthier lifestyle.