My Biggest Secret

I’m going to share with you my biggest secret: I got the most amazing transformations with my clients without counting calories and logging food. I also got a six pack and was the leanest ever without weigh in my food and being obsessed with how many calories are in a marinated chicken breast.

Counting calories is a great TOOL to help you lose fat but not the best way and definitely not something you can sustain for the rest of your life.

I personally find it boring and tedious.

Instead I suggest you focus on the quality of the food you eat, keep in mind portion control and adjust your macros around the intensity of your day.

Sedentary day : Moderate food, mind the carbs. You don’t need 5 meals and 2 snacks if you’re Netflix and Chill on a Sunday.

Breaking back – Hard Labour Day: get your meals in, enjoy your “ hard “ earned carbs, and replenish the expanded energy.

You’ll make better progress by keeping things simple and be able to fit it around your lifestyle.

Alex Csompo is one of the leading fat loss specialists around the Warwickshire area. Using the latest fat burning methods and intensive exercise routines Alex has helped people from all over the Warwickshire area and world shed unwanted fat and learn to live a healthier lifestyle.