Most Powerful Quote I’ve Read

Most powerful quote I’ve ever heard:

“If you guys are really wondering if you’re burning out mentally, my advice to you is to take a day off: take a day off from everything you know, take a day off the job, take a day off your friends, take a day off from the gym, just get the f*$k outta dodge. Go to your local hospital, man. Go to the cancer wing. Look at a four-year-old, who won’t ever see her teenage years. Probably won’t see her next birthday. Go to see someone who is mentally or physically retarded. Or see one of the soldiers who has just come back from the war, serving his country, and doesn’t have a leg anymore, and you stare that guy down, look him right in the eyes, and tell him, as you stand there with two capable legs, that you’re burned out and that you don’t want to use them. And see if that doesn’t kill him right there, cause he would do anything to have the opportunity.” Rest in Peace Greg Plitt

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